Amazing Chan Tour (2 days trip)


Amazing Chan Tour (2 days trip)

Not busy. More nature. It's a good destination
Day 1

We’ll start our first day by visiting a palace.  Due to Chantaburi’s peaceful nature, encircled by mountains and pleasant weather, the wife of King Rama VII chose this province to have her palace built. After the palace, we will enter The Land of Treasure Hunters, where you will learn how to dig for sapphire. Chanthaburi has so much sapphire (called Ploy in Thai) that we named one mountain “Khao Ploy Waen” or “Mountain of Gemstone Rings.” With enough luck, you might just become a millionaire overnight (haha)!

Next to the Land of Treasure Hunters lies a mountain that we will walk so that we can see the magnificent 360 degree view of orchards, and finally, come to pay respect to the Buddha statue to attract prosperity and fortune.

In the afternoon, we will explore the valuable and wonderful history of "Wat Roman" or the Roman temple. It was built by French paster. Curious to find out why? Come along on our tour to learn more. The community surrounding the temple has some fascinating history because it used to be a large trade hub between Thai and foreign merchants. So, you will get to see the mixed art of Thai and European styles. Finally, the last place that we will visit is "Wat Budd" or the Buddhist temple, built over a century ago. After a full day of new discoveries you will head back to your hotel to rest up for the fun tour on the second day.
Day 2

We will begin day 2 at a mountain-top view point. This place used to be fortification which protected local people from enemies that came from the beach. Standing at the fortification, we will be able to see several miles, enabling us to see a beautiful white beach, which gives us the feeling of peace. Next stop is “The Red Building” which used to be the place for the French commander. Finally, next to the Red Building there is an old, worn-down prison, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Then, we’ll stop over again at “Wat Budd” or Buddhist temple, decorated with statues of Buddha’s biography, in order to gain a better understanding of Buddhism. After that we’ll move on to waterfalls with cool water running from the mountain top. King Rama 5 expressed, “I would sit right here all day long until the nightfall”. This makes it even more magical and we hope you to experience this magical feeling.

After enjoying some delicious traditional food, we’ll head to a forested beach area to learn the  lifestyle of a fisherman. Finally, we’ll end the day with a visit to a beautiful beach viewpoint for sunset. We hope you have an idea of how wonderful the trip is, but the picture will be clearer once you have arrived! What are you waiting for?! Book the ticket, pack your bags and join us!!!
Perfect for :
  • People who seek peace, because we will be surrounded by nature, and not many tourists.
  • People who are interested in Thai traditional and history.
  • People who love to travel on foot: you'll get a closer glimpse into local life by walking through the village streets.
  • Available : Monday - Tuesday & Thursday - Friday
  • Type : Private tour
  • Group size : It depends on your group
  • Time : 9:00 a.m. -  17:00 p.m.
  • Travel : Local bus
Price : It depends on how many people in your group
*** Children under 11 years old receive a 20% discount.
*** Children under 2 years old are free.
Here’s what we have for you
  • Fruit or snack
  • Water
  • Lunch
  • Waterfall ticket
  • Local bus
  • Accident insurance
  • Tour guide
  • Transportation from/to meeting point
Here’s what you have to take care of yourself
  • All other expenses borne by individual.

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