Bangkok Tours

When you imagine Bangkok, pictures of Buddhist temples, palaces, shopping centers, and skyscrapers might pop into your mind.  But between those modern high-rise buildings, you can still find the traditional Bangkokian lifestyle including the scent of their everyday foods.  We would like to show you the authentic perspective of the Bangkok life. 

We will trudge through narrow streets.  You will not miss any must-see sites--historical sites you might not believe still exist, and residential sites where you will encounter a variety of people and see how some ways of life have changed through time.  Despite continuous modernization, there are many breathtaking things to explore.  We believe that nothing compares to your first-hand experience.  Come and make it a memorable moment.  Let’s have fun and be enchanted by this fascinating city.

You will be surprised how much more enjoyable your trip is when you choose to travel like a local and learn about the real Bangkok way of life.

Just like the name, this tour will give you the chance to explore the old town of Bangkok where you will immerse yourself in the history,

This tour is all about experiencing local food. You will get to taste and try tons of local food that are full of Thai flavor,

When people talk of Yaowarat (Chinatown), one thought that pops up should be hunting for food and shopping.

One of the best parts of traveling is eating good food! No matter if it's at a big restaurant, a hotel, a street cart, the market,

Chanthaburi Tours

Chanthaburi may not sound familiar because it is a quiet city, not often frequented by tourists. That’s what makes our Chanthaburi tours so special. What most people don’t know is that it’s actually a plentiful city surrounded by forests, beaches, waterfalls and mountains. You will have the chance to enjoy every type of nature here.

Beyond the beautiful landscapes, you can’t go wrong with Chanthaburi’s unique, traditional dishes such as Gang Moo Cha Moung (pork chives curry), Sen Chan Pad Poo (Chanthaburi noodles with crabs — Chanthaburi’s version of pad Thai), and “Massaman Durian” (yes, durian! Chanthaburi is well known for its fruits, especially durian). We are happy every day here in Chanthaburi!

We offer two different tours for you to choose from: our Amazing Chan Tour and our Aroi Hi Tour - read a bit about them and choose which one sounds best for you. Or choose them both for double the fun!

We’ll start our first day by visiting a palace. Due to Chantaburi’s peaceful nature, encircled by mountains and pleasant weather,

The theme of this trip is eating, and eating well! We strongly believe that food is one of the best ways to understand local people and their cultures.

Interesting places nearby Chanthaburi

After enjoying one of our tours, you may be looking for some nearby places to explore. Did you know that Chanthaburi is very close to Cambodian border? It is only an hour away. It’s great for travelers who plan to travel to Combodia, Loas, and Vietnam - especially backpackers who love visiting various kinds of places.

To the east of Chanthaburi, there is the second largest island of Thailand called “Koh Chang”. It has an evergreen forest which means there are many waterfalls on this island. This huge island has many facilities, making it easy for you to get the care you need.

For those looking for a peaceful getaway, there are small islands nearby where you can be immersed in nature including “Koh Kood” and “Koh Mak.”

And there you have it! There are many attractions out of Chanthaburi that you can plan to travel around as well. However, don’t forget to make the most of your time in Chanthaburi, discovering the mysterious and unique traditions, heritage, and religion unlike anywhere else!
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